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Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bülthoff

Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

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WP8: Dissemination


An important part of the myCopter project is to disseminate the results to the general public and to the parties that are interested and motivated to move the technology and science towards a viable solution. The objective of this WP is to disseminate the results to specialised user groups, the general public and to the academic research community.


The main dissemination strategy for the myCopter project will be through publications at renowned international journals and conferences. Final academic results should be published in international journals. International conferences will be used to disseminate intermediate research results to general audience and specialised communities. With respect to the general public, several plans to disseminate our results are in place. First, the project’s website will be converted into a resource for further advancement of enabling technologies for PAVs. In addition to this, a flyer detailing the project’s results and main research goals for presentation purposes during conferences and air shows will be produced. Specifically, eminent scientists/engineers in the field as well as interested individuals will be invited to attend two workshops where our technological advancements will be tested. First, we will show advancements in automation with the UAVs. Second, at our final workshop we will integrate our handling dynamics along with, if possible, a subset of our automation algorithms and perceptually designed HMI into the DLR FHS. Finally, we will share our results from our research with user-groups and experts in the field and at an air show in Europe.