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The University of Liverpool

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Flight Science and Technology (FS&T) is one of 5 research groups within the Department of Engineering at Liverpool, UK. The group culture is based on the requirement for deep knowledge and expert skills in the aeronautical disciplines of flight dynamics, control, simulation, computational aerodynamics, aero-elasticity and handling qualities.
FS&T currently has two reconfigurable motion flight simulators that are used for a range of pilot-centred research activities, enabling visual perception and pilot vision aids design studies to be undertaken, as well as research in the areas of aircraft pilot couplings, active control technologies for handling qualities, envelope protection, carefree handling and structural load alleviation of rotary wing and tilt rotor aircraft. FLIGHTLAB (multi-body dynamic system analysis and real-time simulation development tool) is used for complex real-time and nonlinear aerospace vehicle simulations. FS&T has significant involvement in GARTEUR activities in the areas of validation criteria for helicopter real-time simulation models, rotorcraft-pilot couplings, non-linear methods in flight clearance and aerodynamics. The group is represented on the International Helicopter Safety Team and the American Helicopter Society's Flight Simulation and Handling Qualities Committees.
The University of Liverpool is leader of WP2 and will be responsible for modelling the vehicles used in this project (PAV concepts, micro unmanned aerial vehicles and medium scale unmanned aerial vehicles, and finally their own simulator for use at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics laboratory). The University of Liverpool will work towards making flying as accessible as driving and developing an efficient paradigm to train the average person.
University of Liverpool